Michael M. Raith (*1940, Madrid) has been professor emeritus at the Steinmann Institute for Geology, Mineralogy and Palaeontology at Friedrich-Wilhelm University in Bonn since 2005.

The main focus of his research is the internal architecture and evolution of the Precambrian continental crust, in particular the rock-forming processes at great depths. His research involved extensive field trips to northern Finland, the Kola Peninsula, Greenland, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and frequently to India.

Present research is centred both on the archaeometric study of the properties and production technologies of ancient ceramics (South Yemen, Japan, Iran) and the development of teaching materials and a website on the application of polarized light microscopy in the geosciences.

The intensive microscopic study of a wide range of geological materials throughout his long career stirred his interest very early in the fascinating visual world of a hidden microcosm. The amazing beauty and complexity of colour effects and structures offer exuberant inspiration for the personal artistic work. He is, however, more interested in the discovery and design of motifs which echo inner moods and messages than in the reproduction of purely aesthetic photomicrographs. The enormous technical progress and possibilities of digital microphotography and image processing have contributed decisively to developing an artistic interest into a passion.

May this fascinating and unknown world of pictures, quite apart from the artist's intention, be an enriching experience for the interested observer!